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TUMBLE TO UNLOCK: Justin Thorne’s “The Heartbroken” 

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10 Things You Need To Know About Justin Thorne

1. He’s toured with Britney Spears.

2. He was in 2 different boy bands.

3. He made a short cameo on last season of RHONJ.

4. He and his friends partake in a weekly ritual called “Cheeseburger Sunday.”

5. His music has been featured on PLL.

6. He can recite dialogue from every episode of Friends.

7. He has a huge crush on Jennifer Lawrence.

8. He loves Kpop.

9. He’s been performing all his life.

10. He wants to be President one day.

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Cities portrayed without lights

The rest of them are here, Tokyo looks amazing

They look a lot better this way

This is beautiful but inaccurate.
The overlaid skies are from dark sky sites, which, yes, have no light pollution, but also meet a host of other criteria. Dark sky sites are fairly rare, even in remote areas. Atmospheric disturbances such as water vapor, dust, air currents, altitude, air pollution (not just man-made either - think smoke and methane) and even refracted starlight off the geography all play a factor in creating excellent stargazing conditions.

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